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What’s it like to carry on up there? With the exception of wearing a mask, travel by air is business as usual. The latest research shows that aircraft cabins are among the safest of public indoor environments. And while it’s easy to understand the hesitation to fly during a pandemic, it’s also reassuring to know the measures airports and airlines are taking to ensure your safety.

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In March 2021, we conducted an online survey of Triangle travelers about air travel. Here’s what they had to say:

of travelers indicated

they’ve already or plan on getting vaccinated soon.

of people who traveled

reported flying improved their perceptions about safety.

of passengers agree

RDU is keeping them safe.

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The risk of COVID-19 exposure on planes is almost zero thanks to advanced air filtration systems, required mask-wearing and diligent cleaning protocols. Prior to boarding, your plane is disinfected from stem to stern. Redundancy is everyone’s friend when it comes to health. Even on full flights, on average, only 0.003% of infected air particles can enter the breathing zone of seated, masked passengers, according to one Department of Defense study. In fact, most studies reveal that air passengers are safer in the cabin at 30,000 feet than in their neighborhood restaurant.? There’s even more comfort in the fact that more people are getting vaccinated. And know that we are doing everything we can to make RDU International Airport as safe as it can be. So, what’s stopping you from getting back in the air? Nothing from where we stand. Carry on—we wish you a safe and pleasant flight.

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