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The aviation industry has been one of the hardest-hit in recent years. Leisure travel is back, but business travel remains sluggish. The headlines may have vanished, but now is an opportunity to rethink how RDU Airport can continue connecting our region to the people and places that matter the most.

We have not merely returned to business as usual, but offer you an improved travel day, with new destinations and improved operations. From the moment you enter the airport to once you board, our vision is to deliver a world-class experience that connects you to the world.

Technology—such as self-service kiosks—plays a role in reducing wait times and avoiding crowds. Simple gestures like reserving airport parking online and checking in to your flight from your mobile device anywhere helps make your travel experience more enjoyable.

At ground-level, The Shops at RDU are in full swing, ready to help you take off prepared. Restaurants are serving, coffee baristas are pouring, all renewing their connection with you. Our sanitation team aims for a spotless, refreshing experience throughout the terminals.

And, up in the skies, you’ll enjoy cabin air that is 100% refreshed every hour.

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