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The Triangle Takeoff Coalition’s focus is helping RDU Airport prepare for future growth—accommodating more flights, faster connections, and better amenities. As the coalition expands, our focus is on building awareness and understanding of the airport’s contribution to the regional economy, restoring and expanding global and domestic flights, and maintaining the Triangle’s competitive economic advantage.

The collaboration of local organizations’ resources and time, RDU Airport can continue to support our region’s future and local businesses’ ultimate success.

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TRIANGLE FOOD. LOCAL FLAVORS WITH GLOBAL INFLUENCE. A night on the town at Cary’s a’Verde Cocina is something to experience. Chef Katsuji Tanabe creates Mexican-inspired dishes at six renowned restaurants across the U.S., from the Research Triangle to Las Vegas. RDU International is his connection to global flavors and new culinary adventures.

Katsuji Tanabe, Chef, a'Verde Cocina + Tequila Library

THE TRIANGLE CONNECTION: MANY ARRIVE. MOST NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. No wonder the Triangle ranks as one of the top places to work and build a life in the U.S. We’ve earned it. Diverse talent. Strong economy. Tech-savvy. Highly educated. Family-oriented. We could go on. But most people just stop here, and stay.

Michael Landguth, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

TRIANGLE COURAGE. CHOOSING A CAREER THAT CHANGES LIVES FOR GOOD. Novo Nordisk discovers talent in our Triangle classrooms, veteran communities and among our existing workforce—fertile ground for recruiting the brainpower and courage necessary to defeat diabetes and obesity. From North Carolina’s cradle of research, medical technology spreads its wings and makes connections that change the world.

Dale Pulczinski, Novo Nordisk

TRIANGLE TECHNOLOGY. CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. An RDU boarding pass reflects the Triangle impacting the world. For decades, Wolfspeed semiconductor technology has become the backbone of air traffic control, radar systems and mobility across the globe. This disruptive work is driven by an array of incredible minds innovating for the future. And ensuring we all remain connected.

Tamara Pearce, Wolfspeed

TRIANGLE INTELLIGENCE. CONNECTING WORLD-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY TO EVERYONE IS A NONSTOP FLIGHT. Lenovo calls the Triangle home. From here we extend access to the “ultimate open experience” across the world. As a global tech powerhouse, our triangle-based team works with colleagues in 180 markets around the globe. While smarter technology has helped bring us together like never before, we’re grateful for an international airport like RDU to make the journey easier when we need to come together.

Lisa Marie Ferrell, Lenovo